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Crusher equipment for a variety of national key
Published : 2014-03-11 09:53 Tag : admin
We know that high-speed rail is an important direction of our development , the railway is the driving force of economic development in the country , for example, the annual Spring Festival on the railway presents a man full of trends , the national face of this situation, plus the railway construction investment is necessary to promote national economic development as well as to meet people's transport needs .
     In China 's high-speed railway construction industry , concrete gravel aggregate particle shape , particle size distribution has been a very high demand , especially basalt gravel flakiness content and, therefore, how to choose high-quality sand making equipment is is the focus of development. Shanghai Joyal Sand as a professional manufacturer of Sand gravel aggregate production equipment and high-quality stone production of high-performance concrete , flakiness no more than 5 %, we can fully meet the development needs of the manufacturing industry .
     In addition, impact crusher , cone crusher, deep cavity jaw crusher, impact crusher , mobile crushing plant and other equipment can also be used for highway, railway , high-rise buildings , airport runways, ports, municipal engineering and other industries production, to complete crushing and screening of sand and gravel aggregate , meet the national key projects .