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ASIAN rational allocation of sand production line to meet cu
Published : 2014-03-11 09:53 Tag : admin
We know that , in recent years , with the development of national highways, railways and infrastructure construction industry, but also means that the construction industry will usher in a period of rapid development . Development of buildings, roads industry is inseparable from the application of sand and gravel aggregate , natural sand is non-renewable resources , dwindling natural sand , making sand artificial sand has become an important aggregate. Compared with the natural river sand artificial sand , has the characteristics of hard, rough and porous surface and good viscosity properties.
      We know that is inseparable from the production of artificial sand Sand, sand production line using the system , ASIAN produced sand production line , with excellent performance, is the production of high -quality artificial sand is an important production line equipment, production efficiency, product cost technical design and operational reliability , by the customer favorite .
      Sand production line is composed of several machines , early in the artificial sand production line technology design, such as poorly designed , have more or less problems, such as improper crushing equipment selection, screening systems are not suitable for complex delivery system and equipment maintenance inconvenient problem. The use of reliability Sand choice is key to ensuring the quality of the sand , Shanghai Joyal mining machine overcomes these problems can be configured with different sand production line equipment according to customer needs, to meet the needs of customers and the industry.